They’ve Suffered Enough. Bring Back Parler And Save Small Business

Doesn’t everyone profit from insurrection?

It is understandable that in the wake of the attack on the U.S. Capitol that tech companies sought to deplatform the conservative social media app Parler. Parler was used to help plan the attack and continued to be utilized to plan further insurrection.

But now that weeks have passed it’s time for us to admit that Parler has suffered enough.

Conservative pundit and Secret Service veteran Dan Bongino invested in Parler and the deplatforming has cut into his bottom line. It’s one thing to highlight Parler’s role in facilitating terrorism, but not at the expense of small business.

Bongino and his fellow investors put money into the app and site, expecting to make a tidy profit from right-wing extremism. It’s the American way, and they shouldn’t be hurt simply for being bystanders to the revolution.

It is time for tech companies like Amazon, Apple, and Google to do the right thing. Reinstate Parler, allow Mr. Bongino and his compatriots to make a living in America from providing a service.

Parler deserves a seat at the table, even though it has a track record of wanting to set the table on fire. There’s enough blame to go around, but it is past time to let the healing begin, again.

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