GOP Deserves Credit For Consistent Opposition To Deficits

The party has stayed true to its bedrock principles on spending.

The two major political parties have been guilty, from time to time on repeated occasions, of straying from their core ideology to support a position diametrically opposed to one they once held.

Refusing to move with the fashions of the day and instead choosing to stand up for something, whether it is popular or not, is a rarity.

Which is why the Republican Party must be given credit for its consistent opposition to deficit spending over the decades.

It would have been easy for the party to hold its tongue about the deficit while Donald Trump held the White House. It would have been the easy thing to do. But Republicans chose another path.

Instead, throughout the four years of the Trump presidency, Republicans again and again spoke out against spending, choosing to go up against the leader of their own party — even in an election year — rather than hold their tongues as America went into the red.

Thousands of hours of television coverage and column inches in newspapers and magazines were spent discussing the boisterous Republican opposition to deficits. In many cases, Republicans were even more strident in their opposition to deficits under Trump than they were under President Barack Obama.

The party, in particular Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, deserves all the praise in the world.

When the chips were down, Republicans did the honorable thing. Three cheers for the GOP!

3 thoughts on “GOP Deserves Credit For Consistent Opposition To Deficits”

  1. Deficits exist when the outgo of money is greater than the income of revenue. To claim that Republican resistance to spending constitutes opposition to deficits is patently ludicrous given the fact that they aggressively pushed a huge tax cut for rich individuals and corporations. This article is unworthy of publication in any medium concerned with truth.

  2. I don’t know why you avoided describing the destructive, communistic, tax-and-spend libtard ideology pursued by the demoncrats. Failing to mention the destructiveness of “stimulus” spending. Failing to mention the need for strict means-testing to prevent people from getting rich on welfare. Failing to mention the forced dependence on government hand-outs makes you complicit with their radical vagenda. Simply praising Republican intellectual consistency isn’t enough any more.


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