Biden’s Rolex Watch Scandal Means Speaker Pelosi MUST Impeach

The watch has thrown our notions of the rule of law into abject chaos.

America is suffering. Not only from economic hardship and the coronavirus, but from a leadership deficit. President Joe Biden’s ownership of a Rolex watch, as reported in the New York Times, could be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Biden openly flaunts the luxury watch, taunting millions of Americans struggling to merely put food on their tables.

There is only one sane solution to this crisis: Speaker Pelosi must impeach him.

The Speaker has been entrusted by the American people with support at the ballot box and goodwill, and they have shown they support her and her party, most recently in electing the president.

Now it is on her to repay the favor and initiate impeachment proceedings.

Biden’s watch is an obvious cause for removal from office, a modern equivalent to Richard Nixon’s abuses of power and echoing Donald Trump’s own disdain for the rule of law.

The Speaker may be tempted by party loyalty or personal friendship with President Biden, and choose to ignore the Rolex watch in the room. But she must be undeterred. Pelosi must cast these feelings aside and work in the interest of the hardworking men and women of America who, each night as they close their eyes, are haunted with visions of Biden openly flouting his ill-gotten gains.

Pelosi’s actions must be openly supported by the Senate, and soon after an impeachment vote is held and passage is secured, the Senate must immediately convene a serious and sober impeachment trial over the watch.

Ultimately, if the rule of law is adhered to, Biden will be swiftly removed from office and the entire controversy over his Rolex can fade away.

The page can then be turned on an un-watched hand, and the country can be whole once again.

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